Oh, Hey There!


Jenny Thompson was born and raised on a dairy farm in Western Quebec, Canada. From a young age, she was often seen walking around with a clipboard and pen in hand, looking for someone (her next victim) to quiz her on any topics she could think of. Jenny Thompson was and still is a giant nerd. Glasses and all.

Jenny loves drinking coffee and tea in cute mugs, hoarding (but never writing in) adorable stationery, astronomy, and penguins. She is also a huge fan of planning, organizing, and being an Office Administrator.



Earth To Reception is a Lifestyle-Career blog for Office Administrators and career-driven men and women alike. Jenny writes about her experiences as an Administrator, as well as tips and advice she’s picked up along the way.

Come for the DIYs, the How-Tos, the Fashion, and the Beauty.

Stick around for the quirky humour.